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Former LSU Head Football Coach Les Miles has filed a lawsuit against LSU claiming their decision to vacate wins during his time as coach cost him a chance to qualify for the College Football Hall of Fame. Colleen Crain has more.

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The US Surgeon General is pushing Congress to require a warning label for social media platforms. Mel Bridges has more.

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Former LSU Head Football Coach Les Miles has filed a lawsuit against the school for their decision to vacate the wins while he coached claiming it cost him the chance for a College Football Hall of Fame qualification. Tiger Rag Editor Todd Horne says it’s embarrassing, and the violations happened under Miles’s watch…

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A news release from Miles said it’s quote “an irrational and unfair self-inflicted punishment.”

Horne says to be considered for the College Football Hall of Fame you must have a win percentage over 600 (.600). Even without the penalties, if Miles did reach that threshold, considering his allegations of sexual misconduct the former coach wouldn’t necessarily have been admitted.

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Without the self-imposed penalties, Miles would have had a .665 winning record.

Horne says Miles is claiming the penalties were an irrational and unfair self-inflicted punishment.

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The NCAA is also listed as a defendant.


The US Surgeon General announced he will push Congress to require social media platforms to display a warning that social media has not been proven safe. Haggai Davis with General Informatics says the Surgeon General hopes this warning helps repeat history.

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In his op-ed letter to the New York Times, the Surgeon General cited studies finding young people who spend three hours on social media have double the risk of anxiety and depression symptoms. While Davis agrees social media is harmful, he’s not sure if a simple warning will do all that much.

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Davis says he doesn’t expect the warning to pass Congress due to differences in reasoning between parties. Even if it does pass, he encourages parents of social media-addicted children to do more than just hope the warning works.

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The Surgeon General also recommended a requirement for social media companies to share data on the health effects of their products, and allow independent safety audits.


Though the storm in the Gulf of Mexico isn’t going to hit Louisiana directly, we’ll still be slammed with residual rain and wind throughout this week. Meteorologist Marti Calhoun with the National Weather Service in Lake Charles says the rain will likely get heavier during the first half of this week.

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Calhoun says it’s also likely to get progressively windier until Thursday, though the strongest winds should remain in Texas. Still, she cautions that the wind that does hit Louisiana could lead to coastal flooding in areas of the state that have already seen significant rainfall.

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Though this week’s storms aren’t forecasted to be a hurricane, Calhoun reminds everyone this is all just speculative. Besides, she says, nobody should be caught preparing for a storm while the storm is happening.

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Jackson, Mississippi Police Chief Joseph Wade says he’s still waiting on the medical examiner to confirm the cause of death of four-year-old Erin Brunett of Loranger. He believes she was suffocated on Thursday.

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When asked if 6-year-old Jalie received any injuries Wade says she’s still recovering…

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Wade says Daniel Callihan has confessed, and Victoria Cox has been implicated in the crimes. He says they do not believe anyone else was involved in the heinous murders of Callie Brunett in Loranger or her daughter in Mississippi.

Both Callihan and Cox have been charged with Erin’s murder along with sexual battery. In addition to charges in Mississippi, the two face charges in Tangipahoa Parish and Wade says they anticipate federal charges will be issued in the next few days.  He says it’s up to prosecutors as to how they will proceed with the case…

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Wade says they have thoroughly processed the crime scene and they have more questions than answers and they want to know why Callihan and Cox brought the two girls to Mississippi.



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