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According to Triple-A, more than 38 million folks will take to the roadways for the Memorial Day weekend. Brooke Thorington has more.

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NOAA is predicting its most severe hurricane outlook ever for the upcoming season. Mel Bridges has more.

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The Department of Children and Family Services is encouraging Louisianans to be there for children by becoming foster caregivers. Colleen Crain has more…

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Chances are you’ve already seen an influx of drivers on the road for the Memorial Day weekend and according to Triple A, more than 38 million road travelers will be moving about for the holiday. Triple A spokesperson Nick Chabarria (Cha-bear-ree-ah) said it’s the highest prediction of road warriors in their 24-year history of forecasts.

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And more than five million will either be flying, catching a train, or boarding a cruise for Memorial Day weekend, for a total of close to 44 million travelers.

Regionally, which includes Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas, Chabarria estimates around four million people will be on the roadways. He says to pack some extra patience and give yourself plenty of travel time to reach your destination.

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And when you fill up your tank this Memorial Day weekend compared to last year, Chabarria says you shouldn’t experience any surprises at the pump price-wise.

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Chararria says if predictions hold expect more travelers vacationing this summer than last and to book your trip sooner than later.


NOAA is forecasting 17 to 25 named storms, 8 to 13 hurricanes, and 4 to 7 major hurricanes to hit the Atlantic basin in 2024. Lead for Seasonal Hurricane Outlooks Matt Rosencrans says this is set to be a record season.

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He says the increased number of storms is due to a number of factors, including…

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La Niña reduces wind shears, allowing bigger storms to build easier. Plus, Rosencrans says the Atlantic’s season surface temperatures are very warm already.

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The NOAA recommends people in coastal areas start preparing for storms now before they happen.


The Senate has restored $24 million to go towards Early Childhood Education after it was previously cut in the House to balance the state budget. Louisiana Policy Institute for Children Executive Director Libbie Sonnier…

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Sonnier says this means there will be 2,000 additional spots for young children to get a head start on their education. She says it’s so important because those children are more likely to read on grade level by third grade, complete high school, and go to college.

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A lack of early childhood education programs can be costly. Sonnier says the state loses $1.3 billion annually when there are childcare breakdowns and businesses lose $762 million each year without a dependable workforce.

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Sonnier says there’s a 13% return on investment for every dollar spent on early childhood education.


It’s Foster Care Awareness Month and the Department of Children and Family Services is asking Louisianans to be there for children by becoming a foster caregiver. Children in need of homes could be infants, teenagers or even part of a sibling group. Secretary of DCFS, David Matlock…

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DCFS says being a foster caregiver can be incredibly rewarding and you would not be alone because staff provide support and resources.

Children in foster care may need long-term or short-term care. Matlock says some foster caregivers have the opportunity to make a difference while biological parents gain the resources and help, they need to provide a good home for their children.

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Potential Foster Caregivers must be at least 21 years old, be able to support themselves, have space for a child, pass a criminal clearance, and be in good health, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Matlock praises the caregivers and encourages anyone interested to find out more…

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To learn more or attend an orientation visit


LSU legend Seimone Augustus was introduced yesterday as the Lady Tigers newest assistant women’s basketball coach. Augustus led the Lady Tigers to three straight final-four appearances and won four WNBA championships. She’s been thinking about diving into the coaching profession and an opening on Kim Mulkey’s staff gave her an opportunity at home…

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Augustus will replace Johnny Derrick, who was more of a administrator than a coach. Mulkey expects Seimone will bring a lot to the LSU women’s basketball program…

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The LSU softball team begins a best out of three Super Regional Series tonight in California against Stanford. The Cardinal is 46-14 this season. Coach Beth Torina says they’ve played one of the toughest schedules in America for this exact situation

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Stanford has one of the best pitchers in the country. NiJaree Canady is 21-4 with a 0.52 ERA with 292 strikeouts. Outfielder Ali Newland on their approach against the Stanford ace…

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