5:30 LRN Newscast May 23

A bill to classify two abortion-inducing drugs as controlled and dangerous substances is headed to the governor’s desk after receiving final legislative passage Thursday in the Louisiana Senate. New Orleans Democratic Senator Royce Duplessis voted against the measure because the medications are also used for other reproductive healthcare needs.

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But bill author, Shreveport Senator Thomas Pressly argued the drugs will still be available and a person can possess them, if they obtain them with a valid prescription. Duplessis had some direct questions for Pressly.

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The Senate has restored $24 million to go towards Early Childhood Education after it was previously cut in the House to balance the state budget. Louisiana Policy Institute for Children Executive Director Libbie Sonnier…

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Sonnier says this means there will be 2,000 additional spots for young children to get a head start on their education.

And the Senate also restored teacher and support staff pay stipends of $2,000 and $1,000 respectively. The legislature adjourned Thursday for the holiday weekend and will return to the state capitol on Tuesday. And with the House expected to approve Senate changes to the budget, lawmakers could potentially wrap up the regular session early on Friday May 31st instead of Monday June 3rd.