LRN AM Newscall May 22

Two species of Cicadas are emerging together for the first time since 1803. But one species might not make an appearance. Sean Richardson has more.

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Legislation requiring all public school buses to have heating and air conditioning by 2032 fails to receive the support of the Louisiana House. Brooke Thorington has the story…

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LSU Tigers improved its NCAA Tournament resume with a solid nine-to-one win over Georgia in the opening game of the SEC Tournament. Colleen Crain has the story…

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For the first time since 1803 two species of cicadas are emerging at the same time. One species every 17 years and another called, the Great Brood every 13 years. The problem is in 2011 there were no sightings for the Great Southern Brood in Louisiana. LSU Ag Center Insect Diagnostician, Christopher Carlton says that could be due to a few reasons from migration to extinction in the area.

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The Ag Center is asking for help to document the emergence of individual cicadas but also to see if there are any chorusing activities in the trees.

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Carlton says, “Once they are gone they never recover.” And with peak emergence passed there’s still time to get out and help.

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Emergence areas can be as small as acre or less.” says Carlton.


Members of the Jewish community were stunned after House Governmental Affairs voted against a bill to remove gassing as a form of execution in Louisiana. Jacquelyn Stern with Jews Against Gassing says it was as if the committee ignored their testimony altogether.

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The bill passed in the Senate and Stern was hopeful House members would have also been allowed to hear the legislation but in a 22-16 vote the committee failed to advance the bill.

Committee testimony against the bill included John Sinquefield (Sink-field) with the State Attorney General’s Office who said the use of nitrogen hypoxia is not comparable to the poisonous gas used during the Holocaust. Stern says he completely missed the point…

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During the crime session, Governor Jeff Landry championed adding different methods to carry out executions that included nitrogen hypoxia.

Stern says she and other members of Jews Against Gassing plan to continue to fight for their cause even though requests to meet with the governor have been ignored.

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In addition to Louisiana, Alabama, Oklahoma, and Mississippi have approved the use of nitrogen hypoxia for executions.


The Louisiana House has put the brakes on a bill requiring all public school buses to have heating and air conditioning by 2032. The proposal would also mandate all buses bought after August 1st would be equipped with heat and air. Amite Representative Robby Carter doesn’t see how anyone would vote against a safety measure…

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But Republicans fought against the bill over concerns that it’s an unfunded mandate for local school systems. Pollock Representative Gabe Firment…

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The bill failed on a 57-42 vote. Pineville Representative Mike Johnson was one of the no “votes…”

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Today starts the Southland Conference Baseball Tournament, hosted on the Southeastern University campus in Hammond.   Athletic Director, Jay Artigues says going from a four-team tournament in 2021 to an eight-team will bring not just a good time but a huge economic impact as well.

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Artigues says that the Southland Conference sees what Southeastern has been able to create and it’s not just hosting baseball, it’s creating an event where visiting teams and fans want to come out.

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Also starting today is the Conference USA Tournament, which Louisiana Tech is hosting for the first time since 2021. Director of Marketing and Communications for Experience Ruston, Tori Davis, says it’s great for local businesses as seven visiting teams along with families and fans are in the town for the tournament. The Bulldogs are also the top seed so that means a surge in local fans.

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While the past has shown that when the temperature gets hotter going into the summer months, tourism can start to slow, but Davis said that hasn’t been the case.

That is because of other events going on in Ruston. From travel ball to festivals starting June 1st.

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The Bulldogs open against MTSU today at 4 pm.


LSU’s nine to one win over Georgia in the first game of the SEC Tournament possibly locked up an invite to the NCAA Tournament. The Tigers entered the league tourney, winners of four of their last five SEC series. D-1 Baseball’s Kendall Rogers says LSU’s solid play of late has been impressive…

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Louisiana Tech begins postseason as the top seed in the Conference USA Tournament in Ruston. The Bulldogs will face Middle Tennessee in their first game today. Rogers says Tech is a dangerous team in the postseason, because of their experienced hitters

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The Ragin Cajuns will begin play in the Sun Belt Tournament as the top seed. Rogers says Cajuns have been strong on the mound all year, and now their bats are cooking…

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LSU baseball opened the SEC Tournament yesterday morning with an impressive nine-to-one win over Georgia. The Tigers began today on the bubble for receiving an NCAA Tournament bid, but Coach Jay Johnson says he knew a win over Georgia would solidify their chances of making a Regional

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