5:30 LRN Newscast May 21

Members of the Louisiana House Criminal Justice Committee failed to pass a bill that would remove gassing as a form of execution due to perceived similarities to execution methods used during the Holocaust. John Sinquefield with the Attorney General’s office spoke in opposition saying nitrogen hypoxia differs from what was used in Nazi Germany.

cut 9 (10): “…to death.”

Director of the Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans Aaron Bloch, who spoke in support of the bill says execution by gas is triggering for the Jewish community.

cut 10 (10): “…their name.”

The bill failed in committee on a 3 to 8 vote and will not advance to the House floor.

On an eight to four-vote, House Education approved legislation to create the Gator Scholarship Program that one day would allow parents of all income levels to receive taxpayer dollars to pay for private tuition. Louisiana Federation of Teacher’s President Larry Carter expressed his concerns…

Cut 7 (11) ” accountability.”  

The bill heads to the governor’s desk for his signature.

The Louisiana House has put the brakes on a bill requiring all public-school buses to have heating and air conditioning by 2032. The proposal would also mandate all buses bought after August would be equipped with heat and air.  Pineville Representative Mike Johnson was one of the no “votes…”

Cut 12 (07) “…local school.” 

The bill failed on a 57-42 vote.