LRN Legislative Report

With the Louisiana Radio Network Legislative Report, I’m Jeanne Burns.

The Louisiana Senate has approved the bill that creates the Gator Scholarship Program which will provide parents public dollars to pay for private school tuition. The bill’s author, Baton Rouge Senator Rick Edmonds, says this is a historic moment as the legislation will give parents options on where to send their child to school..

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A bill to ban transgender people from using school restrooms and other facilities that match their gender identity passed in the Senate 29 to 10. Franklinton Senator Beth Mizell, who presented it to the Senate, champions the bill as protecting women…

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With two weeks remaining in the legislative session, one of the biggest pieces of legislation to be decided is whether lawmakers will hold a Constitutional Convention. The measure was amended in the House to begin in August, as for what it will entail remains a mystery. But first political analyst Bernie Pinsonat says it still must clear the Senate.

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As for Landry’s first legislative session, Pinsonat says the governor for the most part has gotten his way on legislation he’s supported.

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The session ends June 3rd.