11:30 LRN Newscast

The Senate Governmental Affairs Committee approves legislation that would give the governor the authority to choose the chair person and officers of state boards and commissions. Governor Jeff Landry appeared before the panel to explain why a governor should have this power…
cut 6 (09) “….to enact’
The measure was approved without objection and heads to the Senate floor for more discussion.

Companies will no longer be able to tell employees that they cannot go to work for a competitor as the Federal Trade Commission votes to ban noncompete agreements. UNO Business Professor Mark Rosa says on one hand, it’s appropriate for the free market to figure it out but there could be unintended consequences…
Cut 7 (10) “…that employer.”
The new rule will likely face a lawsuit which will delay implementation.

A new morning consult report finds Republican John Kennedy among the top ten most popular U-S Senators. The survey found that 55-percent of Louisiana voters approve of Kennedy’s job performance. That’s the tenth highest percentage. LSU Political Science Professor Robert Hogan says a majority of Louisiana voters agree with Kennedy’s politics…
cut 9 (10) “…in this state”
Wyoming Republican John Barrasso is the most popular at 74-percent.

The Louisiana Republican Party has a new executive director. The former manager for Jeff Landry’s Gubernatorial Campaign has been appointed to the position. A graduate of the US Naval Academy, Cory Dennis is a black Republican, but says he doesn’t think that factored into the decision to hire him.
Cut 15 (13) “…those endeavors.”