10:30 LRN Newscast April 24

To protect and keep IVF clinics open in Louisiana, after what happened in Alabama, Baton Rouge Representative Paula Davis has presented the IVF Modernization Bill. Because IVF laws in Louisiana were written in 1986, she says the bill also updates previous regulations to the medical practice.

Cut 6 (09) “…liability portion of it.”

The Alabama Supreme Court deemed a frozen embryo is a child and if destroyed its wrongful death. To avoid criminal charges, IVF clinics closed. Davis’s bill will be heard on the House floor next week.

Louisiana public school teachers would see a pay cut under the budget proposal approved by House Appropriations. But Baton Rouge Representative Barbara Freiberg does not want to see teachers lose money.

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A graduate of the U-S Naval Academy and the former campaign manager for Jeff Landry’s gubernatorial campaign is the new executive director of the Louisiana Republican Party. Maryland native Cory Dennis says the goal is to build on the party’s recent successes…

Cut 14 (05)  “…growing.”

Non-compete agreements in the workplace will soon be a thing of the past. The Federal Trade Commission made the decision to ban them yesterday. UNO Business Professor Mark Rosa says the move is a positive thing for those who want to move on, but there may need to be limits to protect businesses.

Cut 8 (08) “…carve out.” 

the rule will go into effect 120 after it’s published in the Federal Register.