LRN AM Newscall April 22

In the fall Baker High School juniors and seniors who make the grade will have the option of a four-day school week. Brooke Thorington explains.

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Two bills are going through the legislature to repeal the three-year rule where insurers can’t drop policyholders after three years of coverage. Brooke Thorington has more.

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Louisiana is showing some gains in attracting and keeping teachers. Colleen Crain has more on the latest numbers from the Educator Workforce Snapshot…

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Baker High School juniors and seniors who keep their grades up and have acceptable conduct in school will be rewarded with a four-day school week. Superintendent J.T. Stroder says instead of negative reinforcement for students he suggested one with a positive twist.

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For students who don’t make the grade, Stroder says Fridays will be dedicated to helping them work on subjects where they are struggling.

When Stroder ran the idea by students, he knew he was on to something…

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Of the approximately 75 students in each grade, Stroder says about 25-percent of students would qualify for a four-day-school week, but he’s hoping with this new incentive that number will grow.

Since the pandemic, he says it’s been an ongoing challenge to get students to focus on their education.

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The new incentive will go into effect this fall when students return to the previous campus that was flooded in August 2016.


The goal of two bills making their way through the legislature is to repeal the three-year rule. It ensures property policyholders that their carrier cannot drop their coverage after three years. Insurance Commissioner Tim Temple says the bills are focused on revitalizing the insurance marketplace in Louisiana.

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But Ben Riggs at Real Reform Louisiana opposes the bills and says the state’s insurance crisis is two-fold with unavailability and unaffordability and the loss of the three-year consumer protection will only exacerbate the crisis.

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Temple says the three-year rule is not enticing new insurers to come to the state, it’s merely a deterrent.

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Riggs says the bills would allow carriers to cancel up to five percent of their three-year protected policies without cause and the option to cancel more with permission from the insurance commissioner and those requests would not be subject to public disclosure.

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The two bills are House Bill 611 and Senate Bill 370 are nearing final legislative approval.


Louisiana is making some progress in both attracting and holding on to teachers but there are still shortages and according to Deputy Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, Jenna Chaisson there is some ground to make up…

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Chaisson says newer teachers need more support, but the retention of experienced teachers has increased.  And while there are still too many unfilled educator roles, the Bayou State added over 1700 educators in the 2022-2023 school year…

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Chaisson believes some of the recent gains are due to Covid-related stimulus funds received which provided for more support staff positions and smaller classroom sizes.  She believes a shift may be coming…

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Baton Rouge Senator Cleo Fields would like to see every school bus in Louisiana to have heating and air conditioning by August 1, 2025. Fields says it’s hard to learn in the classroom after sweating on the ride to school…

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Jackson Parish Superintendent David Claxton, who is also the president of the Louisiana Association of School Superintendents, many school districts are already transitioning to climate-controlled buses, but getting it all done by the 2025-26 school year might be difficult…

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Fields says there are federal grants available to help school districts pay for air-conditioned and heated buses. He told the Senate Finance Committee he may change the wording of his bill to give school systems more time…

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LSU is a national champion in gymnastics for the first time in program history. The Tigers scored a 198.225 to beat out California, Utah and Florida to become just the eighth program in NCAA history to win the women’s gymnastics championship. Coach Jay Clark on the emotion of winning it all

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LSU trailed Utah heading into the final rotation and the Tigers were on a beam. Sierra Ballard, Konnor McClain, Kiya Johnson, Haleigh Bryant and Aleah Finnegan all scored a 9.95 or higher. Finnegan’s fantastic performance sealed the victory. Clark knew Aleah would hit on her final routine…

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LSU’s women’s gymnastics program is 50 years old. They’ve had four runner-up finishes. Haleigh Bryant says this national championship is not just about the 2024 team…

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The championship also cements Bryant’s legacy as the greatest LSU gymnast in history. She also won the NCAA all-around championship on Thursday and won another all-around title on Saturday….

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LSU will hold a parade for the national champs on Wednesday.