LRN Legislative Report

This is the Louisiana Radio Network Legislative Report. I’m Jeanne Burns.

The goal of two bills making their way through the legislature is to repeal the three-year rule, that ensures property policyholders their carrier cannot drop their coverage after three years. Insurance Commissioner Tim Temple says the bills are focused on revitalizing the insurance marketplace in Louisiana.

Cut 7 (08) “…which is choice.”

But Ben Riggs at Real Reform Louisiana opposes the bills and says the state’s insurance crisis is two-fold with unavailability and unaffordability and loss of the three-year consumer protection will only exacerbate the crisis.

Cut 8 (11) “…surcharge.” 

Baton Rouge Senator Cleo Fields would like to see every school bus in Louisiana to have heating and air conditioning by August 1, 2025. Fields says it’s hard to learn in the classroom after sweating on the ride to school…

Cut 14 (12)  “… unconscionable.”

Jackson Parish Superintendent David Claxton, who is also the president of the Louisiana Association of School Superintendents, many school districts are already transitioning to climate-controlled buses, but getting it all done by the 2025-26 school year might be difficult…

Cut 15 (08)  “…own ours”

Fields says there are federal grants available to help school systems pay for a-c and heat on busses.