9:30 LRN Newscast

Governor Landry is expected to sign this week the bills approved in the recently completed special session on crime. House Bill 7 is among the pieces of legislation approved. Metairie Representative Laurie Schlegel says it requires a minimum of a five-year sentence for a person convicted of carjacking. Right now the minimum penalty is two years…
cut 8 (08) “….tackle carjacking”
At least 15 of the bills approved during the tough on crime special session could increase state spending because it will result in longer prison sentences. House Democratic Caucus Chairman Matthew Willard…
cut 29 (11) “…cost”
But the governor’s spokesperson says the legislation will lower crime and less crime means greater economic opportunities for everyone.

Some lawmakers are concerned about the possible misuse of A.I. and have proposed a new law to address it. Marrero Senator Patrick Connick says the public needs to be protected from potential misrepresentation the new technology makes possible…
Cut 10 (11) “…person’s consent.”
Connick’s bill will be heard in the three month long regular session that begins next week.

The CDC says you no longer need to isolate for five days if you have COVID. The new guidelines advise you to still stay home if sick, but you can return to work or school if you are feeling better and fever-free for 24 hours. LSU Health New Orleans Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Fred Lopez says this mirrors other respiratory illnesses like flu and RSV.
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