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Governor Landry is expected to sign this week a package of bills approved from the crime special session. One of the bills increases the penalties for those who package fentanly to make it attractive for minors. Metairie Representative Laurie Schlegel authored the bill that calls for a 25 to 99-year prison sentence for a person convicted of designing fentanyl so it looks like candy…
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A three-month long regular session begins next week. There will be another attempt by legislators to make it illegal for local governments to use red light or speed cameras as a way to issue traffic tickets. Supporters of the ticket writing cameras say it leads to safer driving habits, but Shreveport Senator Alan Seabaugh says there’s no evidence to support they do…
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Seabaugh says he’s received positive feedback from other legislators about his bill.

Artificial Intelligence technology continues to advance and a lawmaker concerned about possible misuse has proposed a bill to address it. Colleen Crain has more…
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That’s the U-L Lafayette softball team celebrating after recording the final out that ended Oklahoma’s NCAA record 71-game winning streak. The Cajuns defeated the Sooners seven to five in ten innings. The win for the Cajuns leaves LSU as the nation’s only softball team still undefeated.