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After announcing his resignation this week, Dr. Joe Kanter reflected on his time as the state’s top doc during the pandemic.

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The special session ends with Governor Jeff Landry’s tough on crime agenda receiving approval from the Republican-controlled Legislature. I’m Jeff Palermo.

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Governor Jeff Landry is expected to sign the bill allowing non-felon adults to carry a concealed firearm without a permit which means training required to receive those permits will no longer be required. Colleen Crain has more…

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Dr. Joe Kanter, who led Louisiana during the COVID-19 pandemic stepped down from his role as state health officer Monday. On WWL Radio Newell Normand’s show, Kanter reflected on his tenure as the state’s top doc and said he’s looking forward to the next step in his career.

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Kanter remains on staff at University Medical Center and is a faculty member at LSU Health New Orleans and Tulane School of Medicine. Kanter, who grew up in Illinois and Florida, became a daily fixture during the pandemic said he considers New Orleans home now.

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Louisiana was among the hardest hit early in the pandemic and when the state’s death rate rose to one of the highest in the nation Kanter worked 21-hour days.

Before entering the next phase of his career, the emergency room physician said he plans to reflect on the last few years. Kanter said at the peak of the pandemic when they were counting down hospital beds and ventilators to the single digits…

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Kanter was also a fierce proponent of vaccines and was among the first healthcare providers to be vaccinated.


A new Amazon distribution center will be constructed in the town of Boyce in Rapides Parish. President and CEO of Central Louisiana Jim Clinton says while many companies tend to set up distribution hubs along Interstates 10 and 20, they are beginning to see breakthroughs in the past year with Lowes and now Amazon for Central Louisiana.

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Clinton says site prep for the 65,000-square-foot facility located along Highway 1 off Rapides Station Road is already underway.

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Clinton says they are excited to have Amazon, one of the most recognized brands in the world coming to Boyce and they hope others follow their lead.

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Louisiana Central along with the Boyce Chamber of Commerce will share hiring information for Amazon when it becomes available on their website and social media pages.


The special session ended yesterday, seven days earlier than scheduled and the Republican-controlled legislature approved Governor Jeff Landry’s tough-on-crime agenda. Landry is expected to have a bill signing ceremony next week and La-Politics-dot-com publisher Jeremy Alford says it’s a big political victory for the new governor

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The bills approved in the special session include concealed carrying of firearms without a permit, expansion of methods to administer the death penalty, changes to the age of juvenile offenders, and restrictions to parole and probation. Democrats argued against these proposals, but Alford says they never had a chance to stop them from passing…

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There were bills that received near unanimous approval, the expansion of drug courts, and increased penalties for carjacking and distribution of fentanyl. Will these changes actually lead to less crime? Alford says the state legislature has a history of swinging back and forth between smart on crime and tough on crime…

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Non-felon adults will soon be able to carry a concealed firearm without a permit as Governor Landry is expected to sign the bill that passed in the special session. Owner of Concealed Carry NOLA, Dave Newman believes the training that will no longer be required is still important to protect the gun owner and he hopes they will still seek training.

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Training is important to keep yourself and others safe, says Newman. It’s not enough to be proficient at hitting targets at the gun range. He says it’s important to train under pressure.

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Newman is concerned that many who may know how to safely use and care for a gun are confused about when it’s legal to use a gun, putting them at risk for lawsuits and prison. He says it’s important for gun owners to know the law not just think they know it.  People are charged with crimes and it’s not as simple as saying you were in fear for your life…

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Saints Head Coach attended the first Day of the NFL Combine today. Coaching staffs from across the league will have a chance to gauge top draft prospects live and in person over the next three days in Indianapolis. While some fans see the practice as obsolete given the volume of film and team workouts prospects have, Allen says the combine allows scouts attach a name and face to the film…

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Former All-Pro Right Tackle Ryan Ramczyk was rumored to be considering an early retirement after dealing with a nagging knee injury the past couple of seasons. The 29-year-old underwent a minor knee procedure and Allen expects him to be back in time for training camp…

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Louisiana Tech welcomed new Athletics Director Ryan Ivey to campus Thursday. Ivey, who has more than 18 years of experience in intercollegiate athletics, has served as Stephen F. Austin’s Athletics Director since 2018. He guided the school through a conference change, increased ticket sales by more than 189 percent, and completed more than $30 million of facility improvements, but Ivey says student athletes will always be his top priority…

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Ivey brings over 11 years of experience as Athletics Director to Ruston. Ivey says he’s seen firsthand the support and commitment the university and community have for one another and hopes the Bulldogs and Lady Techsters can help to do their part…

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With the uncertainty of NIL deals and transfer portal decisions, many universities have been left behind by the power conferences. Ivey says he recognizes the unique challenges Louisiana Tech will face in the coming years…

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