5:30 LRN Newscast Feb 29

The special session on crime has wrapped up and legislation to expand methods Louisiana can use to carry out a death sentence passed.

The bill which the governor is expected to sign allows the state to use the electric chair or nitrogen gas as a means of execution New Orleans Senator Royce Duplessis voted against the proposal…
cut 9 (09) “…simply unacceptable”
Religious arguments were also made against the bill and opponents also called the death penalty inhumane.

But Turkey Creek Senator Heather Cloud says the death penalty is already legal in and it’s time to re-start executions by requiring that lethal injections records sealed…
cut 11 (10) ” this vote”
The last execution in Louisiana was in 2010 as the state cannot obtain the drugs needed to carry out a lethal injection.

Also headed to the Governor, is a bill to lengthen the time from 3 months to 6 months for a first-offense DWI offender must have an ignition interlock device in order to drive. Several lawmakers raised concerns about the installation and maintenance of the device, which Covington Representative Mark Wright estimated was 500-dollars. He says financial assistance is available for low-income individuals…

Cut  14 (08) “..drink or drive.”

19-year-old Sheryl Turner of New Iberia whose body was found January 24th in the Ouachita River was last seen by family members when she left with a friend headed to north Louisiana around New Years. Catahoula Parish Sheriff Toney Edwards says they are following up on leads as to that person’s identity and multiple law enforcement agencies are assisting.

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