10:30 LRN Newscast Feb 27

A bill to expand methods to carry out the death penalty, passed in Senate Judiciary C Monday. Committee members heard from Howard Vincent, whose brother, Steven Vincent a state trooper was killed in 2015. He says it’s difficult to listen to those who are against the death penalty and opposed to expanding methods of execution like the electric chair and Nitrogen Hypoxia.

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Terry Landry Junior with the Southern Poverty Law Center spoke against adding nitrogen gas as a means of execution. He says several veterinarian associations say it’s a cruel way to euthanize animals.

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The bill received full passage in the House last week.

It’s already been approved by the state Senate and now legislation to lower the age a person can be charged with a felony as an adult from 18 to 17 has advanced out of the House Criminal Justice. 18th Judicial District Attorney Tony Clayton is pushing hard for the bill because he says there are 17-years-olds committing crimes knowing they will only serve a few years at a juvenile facility.…

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According to WalletHub 2024’s Best and Worst States for Women and the news is not good for Louisiana. Using 25 key metrics the survey ranked the Pelican State 50 out of 51 states and the District of Columbia. Louisiana is second from the bottom for women living in poverty and 46th for women suffering from depression. Analyst, Cassie Happe, believes they’re connected…

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