9:30 LRN Newscast February 24

In a 30-9 vote, the senate passed legislation that would lower the age from 18 to 17 at which a person charged with a felony could be charged as an adult. The bill’s author, Turkey Creek Senator Heather Cloud says the state has suffered from high crime rate and the current system for juvenile offenders is broken.

Cut 5 (12) “…not working.”

But New Orleans Democratic Senator Royce Duplessis points from 2017-2020 the number of under 18 crimes decreased from 6400 to 3700. He says putting juveniles in adult jails isn’t going to solve the problem.

Cut 6  (10) “…begin with.” 

The measure heads to the House for more discussion.

Legislation that would add the electric chair or nitrogen to end the life of a death row inmate passed by the state House. Author of the bill, Hammond Representative Nicholas Muscarello…


Cut 13 (12) “…ultimate decision.”  

The House voted 71 to 29 in favor of the legislation and heads to the Senate for further debate.

A bill that would raise the minimum sentence for carjacking without a serious injury, to five years received full passage in the House. Metairie Representative Laurie Schlegel was questioned by New Orleans Democrat Matthew Williard if the state can handle an influx of prisoners with new laws passed in the crime special session.

Cut 7 (12) “…to jail.”  

The bill passed on an 89-15 vote and heads to a Senate committee for debate.