06:30 Newscast August 31, 2015

As part of Louisiana Radio Network’s continuing Q-and-A with the men running for governor, we asked the four candidates about how transparent their administration will be once they are in office. Democrat John Bel Edwards says he’s the only candidate that voted for a bill that will bring new transparency to the records in the governor’s office…

cut 13 (09) “light of day”

You can hear all candidate responses at louisianaradionetwork-dot-com.

According to BankRate.com, Louisiana is the worst state for drivers. The website’s research and statistics analyst Chris Kahn says they ranked all 50 states according to the amount of fatal crashes, car thefts, commute times, gas prices, and insurance premiums….

cut 7 (07) “in Louisiana”

Kahn says the one factor that is always dragging Louisiana down is the absurdly high insurance premiums.

A new Louisiana State Police cadet class starts their first full day of training today in Baton Rouge. Sgt. Nick Manale says over the next 16 weeks, they will cover everything from classroom instruction to hands on scenario based training. He says these individuals were carefully selected to ensure State Police has the right people.

cut 4 (10) “new academy”

Manale says 80 cadets will participate in the intense training in hopes of graduating in December and wearing the “Gold Boot” badge.