LRN AM Newscall August 31

A group of men and women begin their first full day of training today to become a State Police Trooper. Emelie Gunn has more…

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September is typically the busiest month for hurricanes. Scott Carwile chats with a forecaster to tell us what we can expect…

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The LSU football team opens its season against McNeese State this Saturday. Jeff Palermo looks at why the Tigers are beginning the year against an FCS school, and not a big-name opponent…

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A new Louisiana State Police cadet class starts their first full day of training today in Baton Rouge. Sgt. Nick Manale says over the next 16 weeks, they will cover everything from classroom instruction to hands on scenario based training. He says these individuals were carefully selected to ensure State Police has the right people.

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Manale says 80 cadets will participate in the intense training in hopes of graduating in December and wearing the “Gold Boot” badge. He says this is the third State Police cadet class since 2014, which is helping to boost their numbers after not having any new troopers for five years.

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Manale says even though they’ve added over 100 troopers since 2014, they are still hoping to have another cadet class soon, after this current one wraps up.

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According to, Louisiana is the worst state for drivers. The website’s research and statistics analyst Chris Kahn says they ranked all 50 states according to the amount of fatal crashes, car thefts, commute times, gas prices, and insurance premiums….

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Kahn says the fatal crash rate is above the national average in the state but the one main factor that is always dragging Louisiana down is the absurdly high insurance premiums. He says the reason it’s so high could be because of a couple different things.

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Kahn says one way to help get Louisiana from the bottom of the list is to chat with your insurance provider to find out about discounts.

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As we enter the month of September, it’s usually the busiest month of the year for the hurricane season. State Climatologist Barry Keim says sea surface temperatures tend to peak during this month.

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Keim says in September, we typically see an average of three to four named storms in the north-Atlantic and about two to three become hurricanes. He says we’ve had several September hurricanes that had devastating impacts.

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But Keim says this year an El Nino is creating wind shear, which is hurting the formation of storms. He says although these conditions have been working against the storms, we’ve already had five named storms and 10 to 12 is the average number.

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As part of Louisiana Radio Network’s continuing Q-and-A with the men running for governor, we asked the four candidates about how transparent their administration will be once they are in office. Democrat John Bel Edwards says he’s the only candidate that voted for a bill that will bring new transparency to the records in the governor’s office…

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Republican David Vitter plans to make more documents available to the public than what’s currently available and the US Senator says he’ll make himself available to the public with town hall meetings in every parish

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Republican Scott Angelle says his administration will be more transparent than any past administration. He says access to records is a critical part in building public’s trust with government

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Republican Jay Dardenne also agrees that the records of the executive branch, including the office of the governor, need to be made open and available upon request

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Game week has arrived for the Tigers as they kick-off the season against McNeese State this Saturday. In years past, LSU has opened the season against big name opponents, but senior associate athletics director Verge Ausberry says with Mississippi State and Auburn looming in Weeks two and three, they didn’t want to start the season with a Top 5 opponent

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Ausberry says it just happened to be LSU’s year to play a couple of early SEC matchups. But he says when that’s not the case, they like to open the season with a strong opponent…

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