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Northwestern State administrators opted to cancel the football season citing the mental health of players after safety Ronnie Caldwell was killed. But one player says they want to play…

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It’s cold today and strong winds are making it feel even colder. LRN Meteorologist John Wetherbee say the gusty winds and low humidity also produces dangerous fire weather conditions

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Since the NCAA began allowing college athletes to be paid for their name, image, and likeness in July of 2021, LSU athletes have inked numerous deals and LSU associate athletics director, Taylor Jacobs, says the next big thing to possibly come is revenue sharing. Under a revenue-sharing model, schools would share TV profits with athletes. She’s concerned about the future of Olympic sports that are not showcased on television…

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With the first real cold weather of the season, Ashley Rodrigue with the state fire marshall’s office wants to remind us to be safe. Never leave a space heater unattended and turn it off when sleeping because radiant heat from the source over time could catch a blanket on fire. Also, Rodrigue says never to use a stove, oven or Sterno can to warm your home, they’ve been known to cause home fires.

the safest way to stay warm when sleeping?…

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