1:30 LRN Newscast Oct 31

Administrators at Northwestern State decided to cancel the remainder of the football season after player Ronnie Caldwell was killed. But Sophomore tight end Travon Jones started a petition to change that. On the Natchitoches Parish Journal Podcast he says playing football is the best way for them to deal with grief.

Cut 8 (08) “…taken away.” 

The petition can be found on Change-dot-org “We Want to finish our 2023 season out.”

It’s cold outside and If you’re looking for additional heat, Ashley Rodrigue with the State Fire Marshal’s Office reminds you to do so safely. Never use an extension cord with a space heater because it could create an additional power source that isn’t equipped to handle the amount of electricity needed for the heater.

Cut 13 (12) “…catch fire.”

LSU athletes have agreed to almost two-thousand name, image, and likeness deals since the NCAA allowed them to receive endorsements in July of 2021. LSU associate athletics director, Taylor Jacobs, says the athletes are using their NIL money in a variety of ways.

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Two starters on LSU’s defense will be missing Saturday when they face the Alabama Crimson Tide, cornerback Zy Alexander and defensive tackle Mekhi Wingo. Wingo will miss the rest of the regular season after undergoing surgery. But Coach Brian Kelly says they have enough depth on the D-Line…
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