1:30 LRN Newscast Aug 11

The state Pardon Board is scheduling review of dozens of applications from death row inmates; a move that is angering those who prosecuted the cases, and family members of the victims. Brooke Thorington has more…:

CUT 02(32)      “…Thorington.”

Three people are dead, after a high speed chase through West Baton Rouge and Pointe Coupee parishes ended in a fiery crash. Officers chasing the vehicle lost it on Highway 190 but came upon the car crashed into a tree and ablaze. The men inside were wearing body armor and cops want to know what they were up to.


The Biden Administration announces the federal government will spend one-point-two billion dollars to build underground carbon capture hubs in Texas and Louisiana. The carbon capture in facility in Louisiana will be in Calcasieu Parish. Governor John Bel Edwards is thrilled the White House selected Louisiana…:

CUT 03(10)      “…for investment.”

The White House says the project is estimated to create 23-hundred jobs.

State Wildlife & Fisheries is getting about $58-million in federal disaster assistance for resiliency projects stemming from the historic 2019 Mississippi and Atchafalaya flood. LDWF’s Jason Froeba says approval of the funding is extremely important for the state and Louisiana’s commercial fishing industry…:

CUT 09(08)      “…to recover.”

He says docks, processors, commercial fishermen, vessel owners, and charter captains, will be eligible for funding reimbursement.