LRN Newscast 15:30 07-31-15

Over 260 bills passed in this year’s legislative session become law on August 1st. One measure makes it illegal to post or share nude images of people on the internet without their consent. Kenner Representative Julie Stokes, who authored the legislation, says “revenge porn” has destroyed lives…
CUT 3 (07) “that they’re used”
Also in effect tomorrow, a significant increase in fines for littering.

A new report from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety and Columbia University finds older adults that stop driving are more likely to suffer from depression and nearly 5 times more likely to enter a long term care facility than their driving counrterparts….
CUT 11 (09) Q: “the community”
That’s AAA spokesman Don Redman.
Two daycare centers in Louisiana have had their licenses revoked by the state– one in Baton Rouge and the other in Bossier City at Storybook Daycare and Discovery Zone; where they were found to have an improper child/staff ratio and no background checks for new employees…
CUT 15 (11) Q: “condition”
That’s State Superintendent of Education John White.

Lake Charles Police announce that they have solved an aggravated rape case from October of 1999, where the jogging victim near the Lake Charles Civic Center was severely beaten and sexually assaulted. Deputy Chief of Police, Mark Kraus, says 45 year-old Austin Mott is a registered sex offender who is currently serving time in Texas for an unrelated sex offense…
CUT 8 (04) “he belongs”
Advances in DNA technology helped to solve the case.