8:30 LRN Newscast

The Louisiana Pardon Board has decided not to hear the clemency applications from 56 death row inmates hoping Governor Edwards would reduce their sentence to life in prison. Louisiana District Attorneys Association Director Loren Lampert says if the Pardon Board took up these petitions they would violate their own rules
Cut 13 (10) “…must be changed.”
An attorney for some of the death row prisoners says A-G Jeff Landry gave the Board a wrong reading of its policies in an attempt to steamroll a legitimate request to have these cases heard.

Gaming Control Board Chairman Ronnie Johns says Louisiana ranks top ten nationally per capita in the amount of money wagered on legal sports bets…..
cut 8 (11) “…..of Louisiana”
Johns says June was a good month as many LSU baseball fans were betting on the Tigers.

There is some potentially big economic development news for Central Louisiana as SunGas Renewables is looking at building a one-point-eight billion dollar clean fuel facility in Pineville. Pineville Mayor Rich Dupree just started his second year as mayor and hopes SunGas’ plan to build a green methanol production facility will spur more economic development for the region…
cut 6 (07) “…..this manufacturer”
SunGas plans to make a final investment decision by August 2024.

Alexandria Representative Lance Harris has decided to run for a seat on the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. Harris believes the state needs to be more proactive in recruiting and retaining certified teachers. He says that includes compensation and reducing the burden
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Harris has served in the state House of Representatives for the last 12 years and he’s term limited.