2:30 LRN Newscast June 1

Another Democrat may be running for Governor. Brooke Thorington reports it’s Orleans Parish Da Jason Williams…:

CUT 01  (33)        “…Thorington.”

KALB in Alexandria reports a Pineville/Tioga daycare is under investigation for alleged cruelty to juveniles. The Rapides Sheriff’s Office executed search warrants at Totally Kids Childcare and an arrest warrant. That person’s identity is yet unknown. More on this as it develops.


More than two years after the death of Marie Bourque, and her 12-year-old daughter Ski Smith who died in a trailer home fire, Casey Hatch is convicted of two counts of second-degree murder. Calcasieu Parish DA Stephen Dwight says the public defender argued Hatch has schizophrenia and did not know right from wrong…:

CUT 10(13)      “…horrible crime.”

Hatch’s sentencing has been set for July 21.

The 2023 Louisiana Survey, an annual poll produced by LSU, shows support growing for legal abortions. Director of the Louisiana Survey Dr. Mike Henderson says they polled about 500 Louisiana residents about the hot button topic, about 60 days ago…:

Cut 12  (13)      “…52-percent.”

He says the survey results echo national polling on the subject.