LRN PM Newscall May 30

A bill to increase the state’s minimum wage still has a pulse as the legislative session enters its final two weeks. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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The latest release from the annual LSU Louisiana survey of public opinion confirms the property insurances market in in distress. Kevin Gallagher reports…:

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Ten days left in the legislative session and a bill to increase the state’s minimum wage from $7.25 to ten-dollars an hour starting in January is still alive. New Orleans Senator Gary Carter told the Senate Finance Committee says raising the wage will improve the livelihoods of thousands of Louisiana residents…

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The Senate Finance Committee did not vote on the bill, instead made the procedural move of advancing the legislation to the Senate floor without a vote, which pleased Carter….

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It remains to be seen if the bill will actually get a vote on the Senate floor and getting through the House would be a huge obstacle. But Carter told Shreveport Senator Gregory Tarver there are still many workers receiving pay below ten-dollars an hour…

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Legislation to incentivize gun owners with a $500 tax credit to buy safety devices for their firearms has bipartisan support as it makes its way through the legislature. New Orleans Democrat Mandie Landry says the devices can help prevent children from being killed in accidental shootings and guns from being stolen.

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Landry has been a longtime proponent of gun safety and says her bill can also help address the rampant issue of guns being stolen in her district.

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When it comes to legislation involving firearms it’s usually divided but Landry says gun safety is a topic that has bipartisan support. She says in Virginia similar legislation even received support from the NRA.

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If the full Senate supports the bill it will head to the Governor’s desk.


A bill to allow non-felons, 18 and older, to carry a concealed firearm without a permit continues to make its way through the legislative process. The House approved bill received the backing today of Senate Judiciary B on a four to one vote. Oil City Representative Danny McCormick believes the U-S Constitution allows gun owners to conceal carry without a permit…

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Several groups oppose McCormick’s measure over concerns his proposed law will lead to more gun violence. Executive Director of Louisiana Progress Peter Robbins-Brown…

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The Louisiana Association of Chiefs of Police also opposes the legislation. Executive Director Fabian Blache says training is required to get a concealed  carry permit and he’s concerned the legislation will lead to more people who do not know how to handle a firearm. He imagines a scenario of a group of young people mishandling the responsibility of owning a weapon…

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The bill was sent to Senate Finance, because State Police would lose out on money if a permit is no longer required to conceal carry.


Louisiana residents are frustrated with property insurance cancelations, coverage refusals and affordability. That’s the findings of LSU’s annual “Louisiana Survey” of public opinion. Poll leader Dr. Michael Henderson says the survey of 509 random Louisiana adults statewide showed that 17-percent said they’ve had their homeowners insurance canceled within the past year…:

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It’s no secret that hurricanes in 2020 and ’21 caused a lot of insurers to either go insolvent or leave the state.

Henderson says the Survey also asked respondents about applying for coverage and found 19-percent had tried to acquire new homeowner’s coverage in the last year, and a great many had a hard time with that or were even refused…:

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Henderson says the survey found 63-percent say their insurance cost has increased significantly in just the past year. They say the same of flood insurance and auto coverage as well. Henderson says the overall picture is of as dismal environment for insurance in Louisiana…:

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You can view the Louisiana Survey reports HERE