2:30 LRN Newscast May 30

A bill to increase the state’s minimum wage still has a pulse as the legislative session enters its final two weeks. Jeff Palermo reports…:

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State Police are investigating an officer-involved fatal shooting in Shreveport Monday. Troopers say SPD had an encounter with 60-year-old Robert Diamond, who reportedly drew a gun on them. He died later at a local hospital. The investigation into the shooting has just gotten started.


The so-called Constitutional Carry bill – already approved by the House – moved out of one Senate committee, despite abundant opposition. Here’s Louisiana Progress executive director Peter Robbins-Brown…:

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The bill passed by a 4-to-1 vote, but must also pass Senate Finance, because doing away with Concealed Carry permits means loss of state revenues. The legislature concludes business in ten days.

This year’s Louisiana Survey by LSU indicates many folks are really struggling to get, keep and afford homeowner’s insurance. It’s no secret that hurricanes in 2020 and ’21 caused a lot of insurers to either go insolvent or leave the state. LSU’s Dr. Mike Henderson says nearly 20-percent surveyed said they tried to get new coverage in the last year…:

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63-percent report problems affording their coverage.