6:30 LRN Newscast

A bill to end capital punishment in Louisiana receives a death sentence in the House Criminal Justice Committee. Kevin Gallagher reports…:
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State Police has released more information on the fatal police shooting in Bastrop last Thursday. L-S-P says the man Bastrop Police shot was a suspect in a stabbing and did not comply when the officer instructed him to lay on the ground. Investigators say the man instead charged the officer and was armed with a utility knife.

The Senate Health and Welfare Committee kills a bill that would prohibit gender affirming care for minors. The vote was five to four to defer the legislation for the regular session. Republican Chairman and St. Martin Parish Senator Fred Mills casted the tie-breaking vote…
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Opponents of the legislation pointed to studies that show transgender youth are less at risk for depression and suicidal thoughts if they are able to access gender-affirming care.

A big travel weekend is coming up and Triple-A spokesperson Don Redman says despite inflation they estimate 42-million Americans will travel this Memorial Day holiday weekend, a seven percent increase from last year…
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Air Travel is up eleven percent and road trips are up six percent from last year.