5:30 LRN Newscast May 24

Here is today’s legislative Report…

A bill that would end capital punishment in Louisiana has failed to pass out of the House Criminal Justice Committee. HB 228 was from Marrero Democrat Representative Kyle Green, who tells committee members the death penalty needs to go forever…:

CUT 07(09)      “…innocent people.”

Opposing the bill was West Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney Tony Clayton, who tells members the death penalty still has a place in Louisiana justice as punishment for the worst of the worst…:

CUT 09(09)      “…the death penalty

Louisiana is one of 27 states that still allow capital punishment, but no one has been put to death here since 2010. The measure failed by a vote of 4 “yeas” to 11 “nays”, which is a death sentence for Green’s bill.

A bill would’ve allowed tenants to break their lease if two or more violent crimes were reported within a 1/10th mile fails to win passage in the House. The vote was 28 “yeas” and 70 “nays.” Many lawmakers worried it would make it too easy to break a lease or skip on rent.


The Senate Health and Welfare Committee votes down on a House-approved bill that sought to ban gender-affirming care for minors. Jeff Palermo has the story…:

CUT 03(32)      “…Palermo.”

The House passes a bill limiting foreign purchase of property in our state. Denham Springs Rep. Valarie Hodges says her bill is about “Louisiana sovereignty”…:

CUT 28(09)      “…major assets.”

The bill affects nations unfriendly to the U.S.