12:30 LRN Newscast Jan 23

Attorney General Jeff Landry’s run for Governor this fall will leave his current post open, and so his Solicitor General has announced she will run for Attorney General. Liz Murrill has been Landry’s Second-in-Command for the past 7 years. She says she is ready to level-up…:

CUT 09(12)      “…and Attorney General.”

Murrill, a Republican, has argued Louisiana cases before the Supreme Court five times and says he has the right stuff. Also running Republican Crowley Representative John Stefanski and Monroe area D.A. John Belton, an independent.

State Democrat Party chair Katie Bernhardt, of Lafayette, seems to be running for governor, though her newly released video doesn’t actually declare that. “LAPolitics.com” publisher Jeremy Alford says Baton Rouge firebrand Gary Chambers, who has run for congress and the Senate, says a good many Democrats don’t want her…:

CUT 04(07)      “…for governor.”

So far, NO Democrats have declared in the governor’s race.


Louisiana is assisting California after heavy rain caused flooding and landslides. A four-person recovery team from the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness left today. GOHSEP spokesperson Mike Steele says the team specializes in FEMA public assistance issues…:

CUT 12(04)      “…they can.”

Steele says Louisiana has seen its share of flooding and knows how to battle through the red tape to get federal assistance and other states have provided support to Louisiana during its difficult times, so we could do no less.

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