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One of the new laws taking effect New Year’s Day requires carbon monoxide detectors in one or two-family homes sold or newly leased in Louisiana. Marsanne Golsby has more.

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New Orleans is seeing astronomical crime rates and is considered to be the nation’s murder capital. Whitney Thomas reports

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Some may have a New Year’s Resolution to find a new job in 2023. Brooke Thorington seeks some tips on doing that…:

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A new law taking effect January 1st requires carbon monoxide detectors in one or two-family homes sold or newly leased in Louisiana.  Metairie State Representative Stephanie Hilferty authored the law. She says she and other family members were staying in her mother-in-law’s home after Hurricane Ida when her portable carbon monoxide detector went off.

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The state health department says six people in Louisiana died from carbon monoxide poisoning after Hurricane Ida, and nine after Laura. Hilferty says she knows from experience you can’t smell, taste, or see carbon monoxide, but it does cause fatigue and headaches.

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This law will affect any home that is sold or leased after the first of the year. Hilferty says she offered to sponsor the bill after her family’s experience.

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New statistics show that New Orleans is on track for having the highest homicide rate in the U.S. this year. Rafael Goyeneche with the Metropolitan Crime Commission says the city has lost over 150 police officers this year.

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Goyeneche says since 2019 the homicide rate has increased by 132%

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Goyeneche says political officials are now responding to the issue by providing officers with the resources they need.

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With the New Year may come the resolution to move to a new job. UNO professor of Economics & Finance Mark Rosa has some tips. First, make sure your resume is up to date and truthfully reflects your work history. Rosa says employers are eager to hire new talent right now…:

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Rosa says to ask yourself why you want to change jobs. Is it the pay? Is it the people? Make sure you’re not forsaking a profession in which you’ve gained useful work experience…:

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Rosa advises you not to leave a job, just to have a different job. He says to look at the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired up to this point as an investment in your career and livelihood; not just a way to pay the bills. He says to choose your job move wisely because your current employer will get along without you…:

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Rosa says it may be better to negotiate a raise, rather than leave your job.


Some rain and thunderstorms linger over Louisiana as we approach the New Year’s holiday. State Climatologist Barry Keim says the storm prediction center has us in a marginal category, which is a one out of five of a severe weather threat.

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Keim says by Saturday rain from the cold front will have moved out of the state. Compared to the Artic cold front that we just thawed out from this particular front will leave us with mild temperatures.

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The Pelicans moved back into first in the Western Conference with their 119-118 win over the Timberwolves Wednesday night and a Nuggets loss. The Pels are 22-12 on the season ahead of tonight’s game against Philadelphia. This time last year the team was 12-22. All-star Forward Zion Williamson credits the team’s improvement to the work they put in after last year’s surprise resurgence…

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Williamson scored a career-high 43 points in the win Wednesday night and has been the leading scorer on the team in Brandon Ingram’s absence. Without Ingram, Williamson has led the Pels to an 8-4 record in games he’s played in. Williamson who is emerging as one of the NBA’s young stars and potential future MVP candidate says he just wants to win…

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Tip-off in the Blender tonight is at 7:30


The LSU Men’s basketball team is 12-1 on the season and is now 1-0 in Sec play after upsetting ninth-ranked Arkansas. First-year Coach Matt McMahon has insisted the team is still a work in progress improving each week, but the Tigers are still looking to shake up a loaded Southeastern Conference…

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One player who’s shown improvement in McMahon’s program is guard Trae Hannibal. Hannibal spent his first two years at South Carolina before transferring to Murray State last year. He followed his coach to Baton Rouge this year, and after 19 point performance, McMahon says he can be a key piece in this LSU team…

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The Tigers will face 19th-ranked Kentucky next Tuesday in Lexington


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