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Plumbers tell us the extended freeze we had over the weekend was very hard on plumbing.  Marsanne Golsby talked to a plumber.

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A possible unpleasant result of the holiday weekend freeze: big fish kills in Louisiana waterways. More from Brooke Thorington…:

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For some this time of year, holiday depression can be debilitating. Brooke Thorington has more.

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Plumbers say they expect to be getting very busy today because of the extended freeze. Tim Bourriague BOUR-EE-AGH says the long unbroken hours of below-freezing temperatures are hard on plumbing…:

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Bourriague owns Tim’s Proficient Plumbing Repair in Baton Rouge. He says if you suspect you’ve got problems, here’s what you do…:

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He says if the incoming line doesn’t work then shut it off at the meter, by lifting the lid and using a device to turn it off. Bourriague urges people not to try plumbing repairs unless they already know how because they could cause more damage. And he says the next few days will be challenging for a lot of us…:

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State Wildlife & Fisheries agents say do not be surprised to see some fairly large fish kills in Louisiana waterways over the coming days. LDWF Director of Marine Fisheries Chris Schieble (SHE-blee) says these often happen when the temperature drops suddenly and the water cools and contracts…:

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Scheible says often fish that die from getting too cold sink to the bottom first, before floating to the top. He says that’s why it may be a few days before the extent of the fish kill is known. Coastal species commonly affected by a sudden hard freeze are Sand Seatrout, Red Drum, Black Drum, and Spotted Seatrout. He says some of our most popular plate fish are somewhat tougher when it comes to low temperatures…:

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The bitter cold of the Christmas weekend should begin to warm up today. Schieble says, because the freeze only lasted a few days the number of fish killed may be somewhat small. He says it may take some time before the impacts that freeze has had on fish is evident…:

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If you spot significant fish kills, please report where to LWDF, at “”


Gas prices in the Bayou State are about a quarter cheaper than this time last year. Triple A spokesman Nick Chabarria says gas prices have been on a downward trend for about the last six weeks.

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However, Chabarria says the bitter cold temperatures we’ve experienced could have an impact on refineries.

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And while the artic weather could force some to delay or even cancel their travels, Chabarria says that could cause some areas of the country to see a drop in demand, but he doesn’t believe it would make a lasting impact on prices.

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Holiday depression refers to situational depression that’s often experienced during the holidays when individuals can feel a combination of stress, sadness, and high expectations. And while some believe it’s the most wonderful time of the year LSU Health New Orleans Chair of Psychiatry Dr. Rahn Bailey says that’s not the case for others.

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The holidays present extra expectations to attend gatherings and purchase gifts which depending on a person’s situation can be great stressors. Bailey says for those who suffer from depression it’s often worsened when they compare themselves to others who seem to have it all this time of year.

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If you are suffering from holiday depression Bailey says don’t feel guilty about saying no to things like holiday parties or spending time with people who make you feel uncomfortable. Find activities that bring you joy and spend time with those who bring you enjoyment instead of dread.

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If you feel overwhelmed, you can also speak with a trained counselor by dialing 988 on your phone.