10:30 LRN Newscast Dec 24

Entergy is asking its customers to conserve power during this hard freeze event, to head off any further potential power outages. A number of Louisiana cities have already had power blackouts, and crews are working hard to get the power back on. In the meantime, the state’s biggest electricity provider asks we turn off non-essential lights, lower out thermostats and avoid using large appliances.

So when WILL it begin to warm up a bit again? Brooke Thorington asks state Climatologist Barry Keim…:

CUT 02  (29)        “…Thorington.”

The massive $1.7-trillion federal spending bill – with billions more aid for Ukraine and loads of green energy spending – has passed the House and heads for President Biden’s desk. Senator John Kennedy voted no, along with every other Louisiana Republican. His main objection was its effect on inflation…:

CUT 06  (14)        “…much money.”

The bill passed 68-29 in the Senate and 225-201 in the House…meaning a good many Republicans voted for it.

If you have a young person for whom you haven’t yet got a gift, consider an education savings plan, via the state Treasurer’s office. Treasurer John Schroder…:

CUT 03  (07)        “…of your friends”

You can get one started online at “startsaving.la.gov.”