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In a 26-hour period, three separate house fires claimed three lives in Louisiana. State Fire Marshal’s Office spokesperson Ashley Rodrigue says it’s tragic especially because they could have been prevented. The fires happened in New Orleans, Leesville, and Ruston.
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Sunday night a 73-year-old woman was unable to escape her home in the Gentilly neighborhood, they believe she was using canned sources of heat because the home had been without utilities for years.

Monday afternoon an 83-year-old woman died in her home and the smoke detector was not working. And Monday evening in Ruston a disabled man in his 40s died. All fatalities are under investigation.

At his end-of-the-year press conference, Governor John Bel Edwards highlighted the state’s finances which have drastically improved so the state can increase funding to programs versus cutting them.
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Edwards says when he took office the state had a $2-billon deficit.

One of Louisiana’s statewide elected officials takes aim at TikTok. Whitney Thomas reports
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The Louisiana Emergency Rental Assistance Program and the Louisiana Homeowner Assistance Fund will stop accepting applications tomorrow. Desiree Honore Thomas is Assistant Commissioner in the Division of Administration.
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The programs started as a result to provide assistance for those who lost jobs as a result of COVID.