9:30 LRN Newscast

An artic blast of cold weather will hit the state in two days…
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That’s state climatologist Barry Keim who says a hard freeze will impact north Louisiana Thursday and morning lows on Friday will approach the single digits. Wind chill readings in south Louisiana will likely be in the single digits.

During the governor’s end of the year press conference, Democrat John Bel Edwards highlighted the state’s recovery from the COVID pandemic…
cut 9 (12) “….two-million-forty-two-thousand”
Edwards says the state’s budget is also in excellent shape with the Revenue Estimating Conference recognizing a 925-million dollar surplus this fiscal year and another 608-million dollars for next fiscal year.

The Public Service Commission has delayed a vote on another six-dollar storm recovery surcharge being put on customers’ bills as they look to see if Entergy can pay some of the costs from the 2020 and 2021 storms.
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Entergy has filed a nine-point-six billion dollar plan with the Public Service Commission to harden its gird. The goal is to get power back faster after major storms. It calls for thousands of distribution and transmission projects that would strengthen more than 269-thousand structures and 11-thousand miles of powerlines.