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LSU Ag center experts say Louisiana sweet potato farmers have had their worst year in more than 30 years. They tell us farmers all over the state suffered losses. Marsanne Golsby has more.

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Alexandria attorney Mike Small believes his client Master Trooper Kory York will be found not guilty of the criminal charges he faces for his role in the fatal arrest death of Ronald Greene. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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Experts say 2022 has been the worst year for Louisiana sweet potato production in more than 30 years. LSU Ag Center sweet potato specialist Myrl Sistrunk blames inconsistent weather…

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He says farmers in the northeastern part of the state were hit the hardest, but the 2022 crop was expensive to plant all over the state, due to increased fuel, labor, and pesticide costs. He says production is down as much as 60-percent.

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Sistrunk says this year has been a blow to farmers who had been banking on a bumper crop to help offset the cost of production. He says unlike farmers who grow soy, corn, and other crops that get government subsidies, sweet potato farmers do not have that kind of safety net. But he says the ones he has spoken with are trying to hang on.

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The attorney representing Kory York believes the now suspended Master Trooper will be found not guilty of the charges he faces as a result of the 2019 in-custody death of Ronald Greene, a Black man who was beaten by officers before he died. Mike Small spoke with us today…

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York is one of the five law enforcement officers facing charges. His charges are the most serious, one count of negligent homicide and ten counts of malfeasance. Small says it’s significant federal prosecutors investigated the case for two and half years and determined criminal charges were not warranted

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Small says there will be no plea bargaining as he believes York did not commit any crimes…

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Body camera video of the arrest shows York dragging Greene by his ankle shackles and putting his foot on his back for push him down and leaving him face down in the dirt for nearly ten minutes.


Governor Edwards held his End of the Year Press Conference today highlighting accomplishments of 2022. Among the topics were the state’s budget surplus and record unemployment. Edwards also reflected where the state was a year ago with COVID at the beginning of the Omicron surge.

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Even with a reduction in COVID cases compared to a year ago, Edwards pointed out that the healthcare system is still stressed because they are responding to a “tridemic.”

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Instead of giving daily COVID numbers Monday through Friday, the health department transitioned to weekly updates in October. But Edwards pointed out, even though it wasn’t the first topic of discussion that COVID remains an issue.

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Last Wednesday the state reported 4,700 cases of COVID and a seven-day average of 256 hospitalizations.


The National Weather Service says the coldest weather of the season so far is expected in Louisiana by late in the day Thursday, bringing temperatures as low as ten degrees north of I-20 Friday morning. Forecaster Brandon Thorne says strong northwesterly winds, with gusts up to 30-40 mph, will accompany the front.

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Thorne says the southern part of the state will experience a hard freeze with wind chill effects in the single digits.

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Thorne says it’s time to begin preparing.

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