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Alexandria attorney Mike Small believes his client Master Trooper Kory York will be found not guilty of the criminal charges he faces for his role in the fatal arrest death of Ronald Greene.
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A Ruston man has received a three-year federal prison sentence after leaving a threatening message on a Congress member’s voice mail. Prosecutors say 39-year-old Chase Levi Thibodeaux told the Congress person from New York that he would buy an uzi and shoot federal lawmakers in the streets.

Experts say 2022 has been the worst year for Louisiana sweet potato production in more than 30 years. LSU Ag Center sweet potato specialist Myrl Sistrunk blames inconsistent weather.
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He says farmers in the northeastern part of the state were hit the hardest.

The National Weather Service says the coldest weather of the season so far is expected in Louisiana by late in the day Thursday, bringing temperatures as low as ten degrees north of I-20 Friday morning. Forecaster Brandon Thorne says strong northwesterly winds, with gusts up to 30-40 mph, will accompany the front.
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South Louisiana will experience wind chill readings in the single digits. And some light snow is possible for north Louisiana.