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Louisiana ranks 49th among states for its overall quality of life. Kevin Gallagher has more on that…:
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The F-B-I is reportedly looking at New Orleans Mayor Latoya Cantrell for a series of clothing purchases made by a local salon owner who is the personal shopper and stylist for Cantrell. Fox 8 TV says the FBI has subpoenaed receipts and documents from high-end New Orleans fashion retailer Ballin’s Limited and some of the clothing purchases examined date back to 2017.

A new report from LSU’s Center for Energy Studies predicts Louisiana will regain thousands of jobs in the oil and gas industry by the middle of next year. Research professor Greg Upton says this year Louisiana has already gained 2500 jobs that involve extracting oil and gas from the ground.
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He says the state lost 8,700 upstream oil and gas sector energy jobs during the pandemic.

Kindness-dot-org ranks ranks Louisiana as the sixth kindness state in the country. Verizon and NextDoor questioned 10-thousand people across the U-S and asked if they would do things like return a lost item to a neighbor or forgive a neighbor’s debt. Verizon spokesperson Andrew Testa…
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Among the top five are Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Arkansas and Utah.