6:30 LRN Newscast

Up to 245 Louisiana National Guardsmen are deploying to Florida to aid in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian…
cut 10 (08) “…government”
Lt. Col. William Saint says they’ve sent helicopters, movement control teams, an engineer company, and a unit that can help transport supplies and personnel.

District 3 Congressional challenger Holden Hoggatt’s new campaign video is a straight-up parody of the Crimestoppers videos that helped make incumbent Congressman Clay Higgins well-known. In the video, called “Congressional Crimestoppers”, an actor wearing a deputy-like uniform imitates Higgins’ and calls the congressman out on his past; saying a fraud was elected to congress in 2016…:
Cut 7 (12) “…for 17 years.”
Higgins says he’s not paying attention to what his challengers are saying.

Tulane University has received a five million dollar federal grant to see if sand from crushed bottles can be used in coastal restoration projects. Marsanne Golsby has the story…
cut 1 (30) “…I’m Marsanne Golsby