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Tulane University has received a five million dollar federal grant to see if sand from crushed bottles can be used in coastal restoration projects. Marsanne Golsby has more.

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Running for Congress in District 3, Holden Hoggatt’s new campaign ad parodies Congressman Clay Higgins’ old Crimestoppers videos…:

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To assist with Hurricane Ian’s recovery, some 250 Louisiana National Guardsmen have been deployed. Brooke Thorington has more.

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What if your empty glass bottle could be used to protect Louisiana’s coast? Tulane University has received a five million dollar federal grant to see if sand from crushed glass bottles can work in coastal restoration projects. Dr. Julie Albert says experiments have shown potential.

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A new business owned by Tulane alumni –Glass Half Full –is collecting glass in New Orleans to crush it and use it to make sand to build up the coast. The project is called ReCoast. Over the next two years, the teams will do experimental coastal restoration projects

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Glass Half Full is collecting more than 150 thousand pounds of glass each month. Right now New Orleans doesn’t have a city recycling program. National Science Foundation officials say the goal is to eventually make such projects self-sufficient.

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District 3 Congressional challenger Holden Hoggatt’s new campaign video is a straight-up parody of the Crimestoppers videos that helped make incumbent Congressman Clay Higgins well-known. In the video, called “Congressional Crimestoppers”, an actor wearing a deputy-like uniform imitates Higgins’ stance and voice and he calls the congressman out on his past; saying a fraud was elected to congress in 2016…:

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Hoggatt is also a Republican but feels Higgins has dropped the ball in helping his district recover from the 2020 hurricanes and attacks his “no” votes for helping Louisiana’s roadways via the federal Infrastructure Law. Political analyst Roy Fletcher says Hoggatt’s campaign ad comes with some risks…:

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For his part, Congressman Higgins says he has not seen Hoggatt’s campaign video, and he’s not likely to. It’s been over seven years since Clay Higgins did a Crimestoppers video for the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office. Fletcher says, in this case, voters likely still remember them well…:

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Hoggatt’s campaign video is on YouTube. Fletcher says if Hoggatt cannot buy a lot of TV time, it may be of little help in beating Higgins.


Up to 245 Louisiana National Guardsmen are deploying to Florida to aid in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. Lt. Col. William Saint says they’re also providing two helicopters, two movement control teams, a horizontal engineer company, and light to medium truck support to the Sunshine State.

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The last two years have been nonstop for the Louisiana National Guard providing pandemic support in addition to back-to-back devasting hurricanes in the Bayou State. Saint says they are trained to respond to a variety of events and ready to answer the call no matter where it may be.

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And while many of the Louisiana guardsmen have personally experienced hurricane devastation of their own, Saint says Hurricane Ian is an opportunity to return the favor.

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis asked Governor Edwards to send Louisiana guardsmen as part of the Emergency Management Assistant Compact.


Hurricane Ian could be one of the most powerful storms to hit the U.S in comparison to the four category five hurricanes in the past. State Climatologist Barry Kiem says only time will tell Hurricane Ian’s impact

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Hurricane Ian, Ida, and Laura all made landfall at 150 mph. Each hurricane significantly made its own impact. Ian is expected to move slowly across the Florida peninsula, bringing high rainfall totals and extensive damage based on the area’s population. Kiem says the damage will be horrendous.

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Hurricane Ian’s force is expected to have such a strong impact that the storm’s name will be retired. Kiem says Ian can potentially affect Florida economically.

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The Ragin Cajuns are getting ready for its homecoming game this Saturday against South Alabama. U-L Lafayette is looking to snap a two-game losing streak. Last Saturday, the Cajuns blew a ten-point fourth-quarter lead and lost to in-state rival U-L-M. Coach Michael Desormeaux says they made too many mistakes against the Warhawks

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Despite losing the Sun Belt opener, Desormeaux says the Cajuns can still win the Sun Belt West and it starts by playing well against South Alabama this Saturday….

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Saints quarterback Jameis Winston didn’t practice Wednesday in London as the team gets ready for their game against the Vikings. Winston has been dealing with a bad back, but also says he has numerous other injuries…

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Winston expects to practice today. With Winston out, Andy Dalton was the first-team quarterback yesterday and Taysom Hill also took snaps at quarterback. Coach Dennis Allen says having Hill at Q-B was always the plan going back to the start of training camp…

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The Saints arrived in London following their loss to Carolina on Sunday. Winston says playing a game overseas is fun, but it’s an adjustment…

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