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Angola’s old Death Row should soon be ready to house violent juveniles from the Bridge City Center for Youth in Jefferson Parish…:

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With a candlelight vigil on Thursday at LSU and a fundraiser at Walk-Ons in Gonzales next Friday, Allie Rice’s family says they’ve received so much support since her September 16th  death.

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Governor John Bel Edwards is leading a delegation of state and business leaders on an economic development mission in London. Brooke Thorington has more

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Angola’s old Death Row should be ready to house juvenile offenders from the troubled Bridge City Center in Jefferson Parish soon. Marrero state Senator Patrick Connick has remained invested in the project, after a rash of breakouts and violent incidents at Bridge City over the past year. Connick says he’s heard there was a staffing shortage for the facility, but he says that’s not accurate…:

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Connick says a New Orleans news outlet reported of a “staff shortage”, but says there are plenty of available staff to mind the juveniles; they just need to be re-assigned to the temporary Angola facility. Connick says it will take a bit of time to make preparations to move the Bridge City Center juvenile offenders to Angola, but the biggest hurdles – the legal ones – are cleared…:

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Connick says he does not know WHEN the juveniles will be moved to Angola. He says times for prisoner transfers are usually not for public knowledge – especially so for juveniles. However, he says the plan is proceeding…:

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New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell is pushing back against charges that crime in the city is out of control. And she bristled at a recent report from the Wall Street Journal declaring New Orleans the country’s murder capital for the first half of 2022.

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Cantrell acknowledges New Orleans has experienced an increase in crime but says other major cities have too and says most murders occur under specific conditions.

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She says mental health issues also play a role and says New Orleans needs more mental health treatment options. Organizers of a petition to force a recall election against her say they have gathered 20% of the needed signatures they need. Cantrell responded to allegations she pressured employees of city contractors not to sign the recall petition.

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Since LSU student Allie Rice was killed inside her car on September 16th, her aunt and godmother Susie Rice says family members have received an overwhelming amount of support. She says the support is both emotional and financial with donations for reward money and funeral expenses.

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On Thursday there will be a candlelight vigil at the LSU Greek amphitheater and on October 6th Walk-Ons in Prairieville is hosting a fundraiser for funeral expenses. Rice says the community has truly rallied to show their love and appreciation for Allie and her family.

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At both events, friends and family members are distributing yellow bracelets that say Live like Allie. Rice says they want to honor her memory and hope continued awareness will bring about justice for Allie also.

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For more information on the two events and where you can pick up a bracelet visit the “Live like Allie” Facebook page.


Governor John Bel Edwards is flying to London today to lead a delegation of business and state leaders on an economic development mission. Governor’s spokesperson Shauna Sanford says Edwards is traveling with representatives from Louisiana Economic Development and the Louisiana Offshore Terminal to name a few.

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And how to diversify the state’s economy and the potential for future foreign direct investments in Louisiana.

Sanford says they’ll also meet with Lloyd’s of London and discuss the ongoing insurance issues many homeowners and businesses are experiencing in Louisiana after two devastating hurricane seasons.

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Also on the governor’s London agenda are meetings with oil and gas companies and clean energy companies. Sandford says there are meeting

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The trip will conclude at Tottenham Stadium with the Saints-Vikings game in London on Sunday.


LSU Coach Brian Kelly confirmed Wide Receiver Kayshon Boutte would make his return this Saturday. Kelly has no plans to force the ball to the star wide-out though and has faith in the depth of his receiving room…

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Coach Kelly said the movement of the New Mexico defense didn’t give a good indication of the aggressiveness of the LSU offensive line- a trait he believes will be emphasized as the tigers begin SEC play…

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LSU is gearing up for their first SEC road bout in Auburn this weekend. Kelly says that preparation for this week will better emulate game speed due to the similarities of the two teams…

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Auburn is coming off a miracle overtime win over Missouri last weekend.


Pelicans coach Willie Green commented after the team’s first practice on the steps that can be taken with the young group in their second season with most of their players returning after a playoff loss to the Suns last season…

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Despite a rocky start to the season last year the pelicans found success after a key trade for guard CJ McCollum and the emergence of rookies Herb Jones, Trey Murphy, and Jose Alvarado. Their progression along with the return of number one overall pick Zion Williamson are bringing high expectations for Green’s young squad, who he hopes can continue their pursuit of a championship…

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The Pelicans’ preseason will begin October 4 against the Bulls.