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On this Labor Day holiday, we look at Louisiana’s labor market.
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Brian Kelly’s first game as LSU football coach was a mistake filled contest with a wild finish that saw the Tigers come up one point short in a 24-23 defeat to Florida State. F-S-U blocked a game-tying extra point on the final play of the game, the second blocked kick of the night.

As you enjoy Labor Day without a hurricane looming, it’s a good to get a refresher on all the efforts underway to protect Louisiana’s coast. Chip Kline, executive director of the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority says Louisiana’s one point three billion dollar investment in coastal restoration projects is paying off.
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Plenty of folks are firing up the grill for Labor Day and Cattle Producers of Louisiana CEO Dave Foster knows a thing or two about what’s ideal to grill. He says however beef will leave your wallet somewhat lighter this Labor Day than it did last year.
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If you’re considering serving hamburgers Foster says there are plenty of options, like ground chuck or even a leaner beef like 90/10.