2:30 LRN Newscast August 25

While many blame the Biden Administration for high gas prices due to its energy policies, the state’s chief regulator of the industry says drilling activity is up in Louisiana…:

CUT 02(32)      “…Thorington.”

A Baton Rouge mother is under arrest for allegedly stealing goods from a children’s clothing store and setting fire to a clothing rack; presumably to cover the escape. LRN is told Jerdae Tanner’s two children assisted in the crime. She is charged with aggravated arson and contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile.


Count Senator Bill Cassidy as big “no” vote on President Biden’s student loan pay-down plan. Cassidy says instead of providing student loan relief, he believes the federal government should require greater transparency to college costs and post-college earnings. He’s once again calling on Congress to pass his College Transparency Act…:

CUT 11(12)      “…average earn.”

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell defends her recent trip to France for a “sister city” agreement signing…at a cost of $43-thousabnd to taxpayers. She and aides stayed at a luxury hotel with a view of the Eiffel Tower. She says she didn’t pick the hotel…:

CUT 13(12)      “…that regard.”