11:30 LRN Newscast Aug 18

More than $436 million in state tax returns is due to be turned over to Unclaimed Property, but the Louisiana Department of Revenue is urging the some 20-thousand individuals and businesses to contact them before October. LDR spokesperson Byron Henderson…

Cut 6 October 6th deadline :11

Henderson says you’ll need to complete and return the LDR voucher in the Notice of Unclaimed Property letter dated August 18th.

Governor John Bel Edwards says he will lobby the Legislature to include rape and incest exceptions to the state’s abortion ban. The governor believes there is enough bipartisan support to add these exceptions…

Cut 15 (06)  “…thing to do.”
Next year will be an election year for state lawmakers.

Federal, state, and local officials gathered this week for a ceremony observing the deepening of the Mississippi River’s navigation channel. The river is now 50 feet deep from the mouth of the river to the Port of New Orleans and onto the Huey P. Long Bridge. Big River Coalition director Sean Duffy says the first two ships to navigate at a 50-foot draft went down the river from New Orleans within the past 10 days…:

Cut 8 (08)  “…cargo will come.”

Duffy has been working to get the river deepened for about ten years and the $250-million project will continue.

A $21 million settlement has been reached with Brad Pitt and his Make it Right Foundation and the 105 homeowners who purchased houses from his foundation that were ill constructed after Katrina. Attorney Ron Austin says because the foundation has folded Global Green will fund the settlement.

Cut 12 (09) “…properly.”