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Governor Edwards signed a law this year that led to a ban on most abortions. But the pro-life Demcorat would like to see the Legislature next year add exceptions for rape and incest…
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It remains to be seen if the mostly conservative Legislature will go along with the governor’s wishes.

For the first time in 75 years, endangered Kemp ridley sea turtle hatchlings have been spotted on Louisiana’s Chandeleur Islands located in eastern St. Bernard Parish. Todd Baker is project manager for the state’s coastal protection and restoration authority and he says it’s a huge deal…
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Baker says restoring the evaporating islands becomes more of a priority now.

Officials gathered this week to observe the official opening of a deepened Mississippi River navigation channel. More from Kevin Gallagher…:
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An Associated Press report says two deaths in Florida have been linked to raw oysters from Louisiana. The Louisiana Department of Health says they have yet to receive any formal report from their colleagues in Florida. Eating raw oysters can produce a bacterial infection and people who have an immune disorder or a blood disorder should not eat protein products raw.