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Governor John Bel Edwards signed a law this year that led to an abortion ban except for certain medical exceptions in Louisiana. But the pro-life Demcorat would like to see the Legislature next year add exceptions for rape and incest…
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It remains to be seen if the mostly conservative Legislature will go along with the governor’s wishes.

A 20-million dollar settlement has been reached between residents of a post Hurricane Katrina housing development in New Orleans and superstar actor Brad Pitt and the Make it Right Foundation. The foundation paid for the construction of poorly built homes that turned out to have many issues including mold, sewage and electrical problems. Attorney Ron Austin…
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The settlement going to the 107 homeowners will be funded by Global Green.

Officials gathered this week to observe the official opening of a deepened Mississippi River navigation channel. More from Kevin Gallagher…:
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There’s an Associated Press story with a headline that reads two deaths in Florida linked to raw oysters from Louisiana. The Louisiana Department of Health says they have yet to receive any formal report from their colleagues in Florida. L-D-H says if confirmed they will follow their routine Molluscan Shellfish Program safety protocols.