8:30 LRN Newscast August 15

Pro-life and pro-choice advocates react to the State Supreme Court’s denial to hear an appeal challenging Louisiana’s abortion ban. Brooke Thorington has more…:

CUT 02(32)      “…Thorington.”

Despite the CDC rolling back its COVID mask-wearing recommendations, Southern University has re-instated a mandatory mask policy for all persons in all campus buildings. Southern says it out of “an abundance of caution.”


The coroner in St. Tammany Parish is very concerned with escalating fentanyl overdose deaths; especially because people may not even know that is what they are taking. Dr. Charles Preston says pills bought and sold on the street may look like semi-harmless pain relievers, but many contain highly dangerous fentanyl.  Preston confirms that man died from an overdose of fentanyl and, though the pill he took appeared to be Percocet, it was 100-percent illegally made fentanyl….:

CUT 07(10)      “…were in our community.”

Dr. Preston says the fentanyl scourge is growing like a weed.

The state Supreme Court rejected an appeal of the state’s abortion ban trigger law; meaning abortion clinics in Louisiana are closed. Many objections to the law were for its lacking exceptions for cases of rape or incest. Loyola University law Professor Dane Ciolino says the High Court’s judgement sends a clear message…:

CUT 14(11)      “…rather than the courthouse.”

He says it’s likely one or more lawmakers will seek to amend the law next spring, when the legislature re-convenes.