7:30 LRN Newscast August 15

Since Roe v Wade was overturned, the state abortion ban was on, then off, then on again. Louisiana Family Forum president Gene Mills is pleased with the decision that paves the way for abortions to finally be illegal in the state…:

CUT 09(11)      “…pro-life position.”

Pro-choice advocates however are disappointed. Devante Lewis with the Louisiana Budget Project says the state is not prepared for the influx of children that will be living in poverty because already 62 percent of children in Louisiana are born as Medicaid recipients…:

CUT 10(11)      “…in our state.”

The law can be amended to allow exceptions for rape & incest, but Mills feels that is unlikely.

A Lafayette cop trying to stop man for reckless driving was backed over by the motorist, then dragged some 100 feet. He’s in the hospital the driver, a Lake Charles man, is behind bars.


The coroner in St. Tammany Parish is very concerned with escalating fentanyl overdose deaths; especially because people may not even know that is what they are taking. Dr. Charles Preston says pills bought and sold on the street may look like semi-harmless pain relievers, but many contain highly dangerous fentanyl. He says the recent death of a 22-year-old man after taking a single pill is cause for alarm…:

CUT 06(13)      “…in the community.”

In mid-July a St. Tammany Parish 15-year-old also died from a fentanyl overdose. Two people have been arrested in connection and charged with murder.

After a bit of a scare from a low pressure wave sitting right off Louisiana’s coast last week, we got only some winds and thunderstorms. For this week, the tropics are looking fairly quiet with no tropical storm development expected anywhere. Still, NOAA predicts active conditions yet to come.