12:30 LRN Newscast August 5

High utility bills continue to plague residents and PSC Commissioner Craig Greene says they are looking at ways to help lower rates. He says the commission wants utility providers to become customer service-focused, more energy efficient, and look at long-term resiliency…:

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He says you can ask your local PSC office to review your bill for possible errors.

Baton Rouge Police arrest a Houma man for the alleged rape of an underage girl. The crime took place in late May, and the victim says 20-year-old Kwan Allen told her he was much younger; chatting with her online for some time before asking to meet her at the Mall of Louisiana. It was then the assault occurred. Allen is charged with sexual battery and 2nd-degree rape.


It’s National Oyster Day but how is the state’s industry fairing? Brooke Thorington has more…

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…and now today’s markets, with Louisiana Farm Bureau’s Neil Melancon…