5:30 LRN Newscast July 29

Deputies in St. Martin Parish arrest a woman for stabbing an officer during an arrest. Sheriff’s Captain Ginny Higgins says some St. Martinville residents called them to report a suspicious woman, knocking on doors and asking to be given a gun. When a deputy stopped 26-year-old Ashley Burton to question her, she tried to flee on foot, struggled with the officer and then stabbed him. Higgins says, when Burton fled the vehicle and the deputy, she left something very important in the car…:

CUT 13(10)      “…took over after that.”

Burton is now charged with attempted murder of a police officer, drug possession and more.

Starting Monday, a new law takes effect stating police cannot use the smell of marijuana as probable cause for a warrantless search or arrest. New Iberia Rep. Marcus Bryant brought the bill and says medical marijuana patients shouldn’t have to worry about this happening to them…:

CUT 10(12)      “…uncomfortable.”

Again the new law takes effect August 1st.


Another new law taking effect Monday makes theft of catalytic converters from vehicles a crime with big penalties. River Ridge Senator Kirk Talbot says punishment could be up to 20 years in prison with fines up to $50-thousand. He says some criminal steal dozens in one night, and sell them in bulk…:

CUT 07(10)      “…catalytic converters.”

The NSU Demons basketball team adds Florida prep hoops star Hansel Enmanuel to its 2022 recruiting class. His stats make him a standout, yes…but also amazing is he has only one arm. Demons coach Corey Gipson says that challenge makes Enmanuel even more determined…:

CUT 04(08)      “…that guy.”

A native of the Dominican Republic, Enmanuel averaged 26 points, 11 rebounds & seven assists per game in his senior season.