8:30 LRN Newscast 30

For the LRN I’m Erik Piccoli
Northwestern State is thrilled about the signing of Hansel Enmanuel – the high school basketball star with one arm. Michelle Southern reports…
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And Monday a new law goes into effect that makes stealing catalytic converters a crime. River Ridge Senator KirkTalbot says SUVs and pick-up trucks are the biggest victims of this crime.
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If the value of the catalytic converters stolen is greater than $25,000, jail time would be 10 to 20 years.
On August 1st a new law forbidding officers from using the smell of marijuana as probable cause to search one’s house goes into effect. New Iberia Representative Marcus Bryant’s House Bill 629 won final passage and was signed into law by the governor. He says his bill codified federal statute into state law. Bryant says it is needed, now that a growing number of citizens are using legal medical marijuana. He says those patients shouldn’t have to worry about what happens if a police officer shows up at their door…
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A woman has been arrested in St. Martin Parish for stabbing an officer. Sheriff’s Captain Ginny Higgins said 26-year-old Ashley Burton, who is from Las Vegas, is now charged with attempted murder of a police officer, resisting arrest, simple escape, possession of narcotics, and more. Higgins says the deputy Burton stabbed has been treated and released from medical care…:
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